Teddington Psychotherapy




My practice

I am a psychodynamic psychotherapist in private practice, with full clinical membership of the UKCP and over ten years of NHS experience as a specialist adult psychotherapist. I work with individuals, couples, and groups in the areas of interpersonal relationships and communication. Challenges in these areas can lead to distress, expressed through difficult emotions such as anger, anxiety and sadness.

The individual is constantly making a beginning or an ending somewhere in their life. Losses and growth, regrets and resolutions, are all amenable to psychotherapy in a reflective space where change and challenge can be thought about in a context of trust.

At any stage in life, it’s worth pausing to engage in an informed conversation (in shorter or longer term psychotherapy) in order to consider or even to find our place in our world. I aim to work creatively with adults of all ages who wish to address issues arising from a juncture they have reached in life. This often presents itself in terms of, for example:

  • Leaving education, home, a relationship or a job, or changing direction within these structures
  • Bereavement, grief, mourning
  • Taking on the care of another: new baby, older relative, someone facing health challenges
  • Parenthood: actual or contemplated, issues around choice
  • Facing personal challenges to health and resilience
  • Creative use of extra or reduced time or space, whether anticipated or not
  • Existential questions of meaning, purpose and value

I am able to offer a convenient location for therapy to students of counselling and psychotherapy training locally, eg at RHACC. Sessions can be arranged in the day or evening, and at weekends.

My credentials

I am a full clinical member of the UKCP, with a decade’s NHS experience as a specialist psychotherapist. My academic qualifications are in English Literature (BA (Hons)), University of Exeter and Historical Bibliography (MA, UCL).

My psychotherapy training (Postgraduate Diploma) was at Goldsmiths, London, and I hold a Diploma in Supervision from the IGA (London). I have undertaken further training at the Anna Freud Centre, London.


I charge £65 per 50 minute session in SW London, £85 per 50 minute session in Holborn.

In an initial session, we explore your expectations of working with me in psychotherapy and how they fit with my way of working with clients. I offer this free of charge in SW London, and charge £20 in Holborn.