Post postscript

Extract from “FROM MADRAS TO SURBITON. ALEXANDER RAPHAEL, UNBEATEN CHAMPION, 1775-1850” by David A. Kennedy, PhD. (21/1/18)

“….In November 1850, Punch magazine published a cartoon showing a figure with a clear likeness of Cardinal Wiseman entitled “The Guy Fawkes of 1850. Preparing to blow up Parliament”. June Sampson (1997) related that after Cardinal Wiseman’s Pastoral Letter, Mr. Gower, a curate at All Saints’ Church, Kingston, inflamed the town with a sermon condemning the Pope’s “usurpation of authority in this realm”. This, she said, enraged parishioners who made an effigy of the Cardinal, paraded it around the town and burned it in the Fairfield. On 20 November 1850, Kingston Council reacted by passing a motion that “a humble and dutiful address to be presented to Her Majesty to secure her Dominions against the aggression and encroaching policy of the Bishop of Rome” and ordered this to be inserted into the Times and Morning Herald newspapers.”

The image above shows a sarcophagus Raphael commissioned for himself in 1816 in the church of the Armenian Monastery on the island of San Lazzaro degli Armeni in the Lagoon of Venice. The sarcophagus remained empty; Alexander Raphael’s remains were buried in the crypt of St. Raphael’s Church, Surbiton. His brother, sister, nephews and nieces erected a memorial tablet for him in that church.

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