”The King of Voix Mixte”*

*Oren Lathrop Brown (1909-2004)

Claudel Callender, musician of Montreal, wrote an obituary for Oren Brown which described him as a pioneer in the field of voice therapy. He quoted Dr Robert T Salatoff, who wrote, “He was one of the first singing teachers to work regularly in a medical setting, collaborating with an otolaryngologist long before interdisciplinary approaches to voice training teams were popular.”.

In “Discover Your Voice” (1996), Oren Brown wrote:

“Another analogy is that of the fairytale princess locked in a tower with no means of escape except a spool of thread. By holding on to one end, she could drop the other end to her prince waiting below. He could then attach a stronger thread which the princess could then pull up to her balcony. By gradually increasing the strength of the thread he attached, she could eventually gain a rope of sufficient length and strength to hold her…

…I hope you have deduced from this discussion on resonance that it has a great deal to do with what is called power.”.

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