“So hot it is almost collapsing”

That’s the glass, not the weather – in Kew Gardens today there is a pleasant, light drizzle.

I’ve come to see the exhibition by Dale Chihuly, “Reflections on Nature”, which continues until 27th October. Thirty two glass artworks are displayed in thirteen locations within the walled boundaries of the gardens, indoors and out. In addition, there is a stunningly lit, extensive display in the Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art of earlier and smaller works by Chihuly.

Giovanna Dunmall reviewed the exhibition when it opened in mid April, for Wallpaper* magazine. She observed that Dale (“I never met a color I didn’t like”), the Seattle based glass pioneer, has always pushed the boundaries of glass, blowing it until it’s impossibly thin. He is creatively motivated by the notion of pushing glass to the edge of its technical abilities, when it is “so hot it is almost collapsing”.

The artist was joined at the press view by his wife, Leslie, who told Giovanna that the exhibition is a way of “bringing art lovers to gardens and garden lovers to art”.

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