William Logsdail: “Greek Theatre, Taormina, Sicily”

Raby, P: “Samuel Butler”, p279, writing of 1901:

“Butler’s journeys were ritual retracings of his personal map of Europe…:

“…We went to Trapani and up the mountain, saluting all our friends; then through Castelvetrano back to Palermo and on through Catania to Taormina where we found William Logsdail, the painter, with his family…”.

(Logsdail (1859-1944) lived and painted in Venice from 1881-1887 and from 1892-1901. After spending two years around Taormina, Sicily, he and his family returned to England, settling in what is now Talgarth Road, West Kensington, in the Barons Court area.

In 1903, Logsdail made his home No 5, St Paul’s Studios. This was one of a row of eight artist’s houses completed along Colet Gardens in 1891 by Frederick Wheeler. Their top floors were dedicated studio space, with huge round headed windows to allow maximum natural light to flood in, and overlooking the extensive grounds of St Paul’s School.)

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