Difference (II)

Picture: A Game of Tennis (1900) by Spencer Frederick Gore

“Seized by a longing to play tennis, I used the pound note from my “marks” for poems in the Children’s Page of the Truth to pay for the frame of a tennis racquet, which someone Dad knew had offered to string for a reduced rate, but when the racquet was complete, my shame was overwhelming when I found the strings were black instead of cream. I pronounced the racquet “funny”. I was not brave enough to parade my racquet in all its difference, and the one day I brought it to school, I was certain that “everyone noticed it”, and from then it remained unused, on top of the wardrobe beside the two big sleeping dolls…The unused racquet and the unused dolls stayed there until my sister June had children who used them without fear of difference or of harming the “specially knitted” dolls’ clothes.”

Frame, J: To The Is-Land (1990)

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