Redemption Song (c1979): Bob Marley

If you go to the BBC Sounds app and find Soul Music (Series 25) Redemption Song, you can hear John Legend, Ahmed al-Azzeh, Lorna Goodison, Neville Garrick, and Don Kinsley discuss what Redemption Song has meant to them in their respective callings.

In the recording, Bob Scott talks about how the song has become inseparably linked for him with the loss of his nephew Dominick in the tsunami of 26th December 2004, which killed some 230 000 people. Richard and Sheila Attenborough, long time residents of Richmond on Thames, lost their daughter Jane and her daughter Lucy (granddaughter of Audrey Jane Holland, who also perished) in the disaster.

The Attenborough family commissioned the flagstone shown above, which was placed in the nave of the church of St Mary Magdalene, Richmond (initially built as a chapel around 1219-20). Lord Attenborough directed that following his death, which occurred on 24th August, 2014, some of his ashes should join those of Jane and Lucy in the vault beneath the flagstone.

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