The 75th Summer Show of Kew Horticultural Society

KHS Summer Show publicity of 2018:

“…delighted to be holding its 2018 Flower and Produce Show in St Anne’s Church Hall…Some of you will be surprised to read this because you will know that the Hall is a lot smaller than the marquee on Kew Green where the show has been held in the past…Years ago the show was held in Gloucester Road in the old church hall, which is now a house, so this decamping to the new hall is a wheel come full circle…

A number of the prize winners at last year’s Summer Show have not returned their cups and we need them back as soon as possible…”

KHS Summer Show publicity of 2019:

“…Think what you might exhibit…With the cookery classes the taste of the entry is the winning characteristic. The KHS Show is characterised by friendly participation rather than aggressive competition, so don’t be shy…”

Eve Garnett: Holiday at the Dew Drop Inn (1962) Chapter V: The Flower Show:

“A delicious smell – a mingling of fruit, flowers, and vegetables, warm canvas and newly trodden grass – was wafting about…

“How beautifully, thought Kate, people had arranged their things! The plates decorated with cool green leaves on which sat gooseberries, and currants, and loganberries; the trays and boxes of vegetables in beds of crisp curly parsley; the collections of onions, their stalks as neatly tied as a child’s hair for Sunday school! and the flowers! Particularly the roses and carnations and the huge sweet peas! Could The Dew Drop Inn do as well? No one, surely, could do better?”.

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