A modification

Pictured: the psychoanalyst (Elwyn) James Anthony (1916-2014)

The novelist Sarah Dunant spoke in BBC Radio 4’s A Point of View this morning. She informed the airwaves:

“Anyone who’s experienced any kind of group therapy will know that it’s important for everyone to find their voice early…”.

Gary Winship and Rex Haigh wrote in 1998:

“At the beginning of a group, members often sit silently looking at the floor, occasionally reporting that their minds are blank. In a recent group, following a silent beginning, one member said that he found himself making shapes out of the patterns in the carpet. The group matrix consists of unspoken or unconscious material as well as the communication that is articulated through words: ‘Words are the chief vehicle of communication of articulate (secondary thought), but it is the process of communication itself which specially interests us, not the factual transmission of information through words’ (Foulkes and Anthony, 1965: 259). Might we take from this that a substantial matrix may form in the silence of non- verbal communication as the space becomes a crucible for metaphor and symbols?”

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