“Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could”*

*line from Something Good, 1965 song by Richard Rodgers (pictured)

Julie Andrews was unaware, until she was interviewed by her for The Sunday Telegraph (10/11/19), that Susie Boyt is a great granddaughter (via her father, Lucian Freud) of Sigmund Freud.

The musical star told the journalist that she found psychoanalysis, which she started in the mid-Sixties, invaluable:

“Psychoanalysis helped me stick to essentials, and I was very fortunate to have a very wise man who helped enormously. My analyst realised pretty soon that I needed and yearned for an education and, since he was extremely bright, he proceeded to give me one.

He would hand me these wonderful gifts, books…or he’d teach me something or I could ask any question I wanted, really…suddenly finding a friend that understood – that’s what therapy is really all about.”

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