Market House, Kingston

From the Historic England entry: An earlier timber-framed town hall on this site in the Market Place is recorded in 1505…That building was restored during the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1 and much later in the reign of Queen Anne, when the building was partly rebuilt in brick at a cost of £400…The earlier town hall was replaced by the present Italianate style building between 1838 and 1840…This building remained the Town Hall of Kingston-upon-Thames until the present Guildhall was built in 1935 when its name was changed to Market House.

Kingston Christmas Lights are due to be switched on at six o’clock this evening, at the Rose Theatre, just across Clattern Bridge from the Market Place.

Back in January this year, Filmfixer reported of the Christmas just passed:

“The ancient market place in Kingston provided the backdrop for Waitrose’s highly entertaining Christmas advertisement in which the Mayor can’t even wait to get through the count down ritual and switches on the lights early before heading to the Waitrose canapés. The outdoor scenes were shot in the Ancient Market Place.  The indoor scene where the ‘Mayor’ gets to sample the canapés before anyone else, was filmed inside the Guildhall. This was a large-scale production with the potential to negatively impact either local businesses, residents and the Guildhall itself. Plenty of organisation as well as stakeholder communication was needed by the FilmFixer team to ensure everything went smoothly.

Almost a year ago, Shama Hyder wrote for Forbes Magazine on “Why Integrated Marketing is the Future”.

She asks: “How can we overcome the enemy to integration within our own organizations? The solution lies in the key shift from a culture of competition to a culture of collaboration. With decreased competition comes increased collaboration, and with increased collaboration comes increased organizational integration and customer-centricity.”

And a few weeks before that, Simon Gwynn had written in PR Week about that year’s Waitrose Christmas ad campaign:

“Waitrose & Partners is eschewing a blockbuster TV ad in favour of a series of short spots in which characters abandon their Christmas rituals to tuck into tasty treats as quickly as possible…Created by Adam & Eve/DDB, “Too good to wait” launches during the second episode of Coronation Street tonight (9 November) on ITV, with a partnership conceived and brokered by Manning Gottlieb OMD that marks a first for the broadcaster…It will see the channel “fast forward” through spots by three other brands, all of which are clients of MG OMD – reflecting the theme of the campaign…Meanwhile, Waitrose will run contextual ads on All 4, suggesting “time for a mince pie” when programmes are paused. Activity will also include print, posters, digital out-of-home and social media.”

Fast forward to today, and the Kingston upon Thames website announces: “This year, we’re delighted to say the lights will be switched on with a little bit of magic from the Rose Theatre’s Snow Queen, which opens on Thursday 6 December.It’s by Ciaran McConville, Director of Learning & Participation at the Rose Theatre.

Before the lights are switched on, the church at the corner of Market Place is having an associated service from 5-5.30 pm.

Google Ads say it’s in anticipation of the “Chritsmas” lights. Safe to suppose, though, it’s Christmas the church has ultimately in mind.

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