A poseur finds sincerity

Pictured: “Moose” (1990-2006) who played “Eddie” in Frasier.

Frasier:…..All that yammering on about how the play had third act problems. It fooled no one.

Niles: What makes you so sure?

Frasier: Well, for starters, The Silent Echo doesn’t have a third act.

Sir Trevor Aimsley enters……and heads towards the bar.


Frasier: ……It was, uh, you know, the one with, with your hands…(He motions vaguely.)

Trevor: Oh, you mean when I offer the fish to my son and he turns his back to me and I reach out to him like this? (does so)

Frasier: Yes, it’s even more moving the second time. Well, who knows why a, a moment like that touches us so. You see, that is your gift, Sir Trevor. You’ve given us hundreds of moments. Moments so real, so compelling that we are revealed in their truth.

Trevor: You don’t know how refreshing this is. To meet someone who doesn’t just come to the theater, but who gives himself over to it. That crowd in there, they only come because it’s fashionable. They don’t care about art. I can spot them at a glance: the poseur, the fraud. Oh, here comes your brother.

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