(Montague) David Eder (1865-1936)

“1913 marked the appearance of The Interpretation of Dreams, the first of Freud’s books to be published in England. But the circulation of this volume was limited to “Members of the Medical, Scholastic, Legal, and Clerical professions”, and it was not until one year later, with the publication of On Dreams (translated by M.D. Eder), that some of his ideas were made available to the public at large. Psycho-analysis did not immediately achieve the notoriety that had been awarded to Post-Impressionism and Bergson. An incident which occurred at the annual meeting of the British Medical Association in 1911 indicates that it was slow to win even professional recognition. On this occasion, Dr Eder, a frequent contributor to The New Age, read a paper on his psycho-analytic treatment of a case of hysteria and obsession before the Neurological Section of the Association. When he had finished speaking, “the chairman and the entire audience rose and stalked out without a word.” ”

Wallace Martin: The New Age Under Orage (1967)

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