Noël Coward (1899-1973)

Pictured: Coward with Lilian Braithwaite, his co-star in The Vortex.

From website of Dymchurch Parish Council:

“In 1917 (Edith Nesbit) married her second (husband), a bearded, nautical man named Thomas Tucker, known as “The Skipper”. The couple set up home close to St. Mary’s-in-the-Marsh, but nearer to the shore, known today as St Mary’s Bay. Back then and still by the locals it is known as Jesson, which was only a tiny hamlet.

Edith’s final years brought her a new refreshing peace and contentment thanks to “The Skipper”, who was devoted to her. Friends old and new visited often, many famous, other not so. Amongst her newest friends was the young Noel Coward who was living in the little cottage next to the Star inn here at St. Mary’s-in-the-Marsh, opposite the church. Noel greatly admired Edith’s stories from childhood, even when he died a copy of Edith’s story The Enchanted Castle was at his bedside.

Edith died on 4th May 1924 at Jesson.”

“Some ageing ladies with a groan

Renounce all beauty lotions,

They dab their brows with eau-de-Cologne

And turn to their devotions,

We face the process of decay

Attired in a négligé

And with hot bottles at our toes

We cosily in bed repose

Enjoying, in a rather languid way,

A little ‘eggy’ something on a tray.”

Verse 2 of Something on a Tray: Noël Coward

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