Flying Scotsman

“In 1932 Eric Gill went for the greatest train ride of his life: he went for a journey on the Flying Scotsman. He had lettered the name plate for the engine and after he had gone to King’s Cross to affix it he was taken on a ride in the driver’s cab, travelling as far as Grantham. The good child’s reward indeed. Gill wrote an account of the journey for the London and North Eastern Railway Magazine. This must rate as one of his best pieces of writing: he always wrote best when least conscious of impressing, as in the more extended of his diary entries and his more informal and unconsidered letters. He was a born reporter, with his grasp of the essentials and his interest in detail, and travel stimulated him…”

Fiona MacCarthy: Eric Gill (1989) Chapter Eleven: Pigotts 1928-40

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