Dorothy L. Sayers (1893-1957)

Dorothy L. Sayers died suddenly on Tuesday, 17th December, 1957. In her 1993 biography of her, Barbara Reynolds writes:

“….She was especially annoyed when the B.B.C. gave her name as “Dorothy Sayers”, as they quite often announced another “Dorothy Sayers”, who was a variety artiste who sang and played the guitar. Dorothy L. Sayers sometimes received her letters, press-cuttings and invitations to perform in music-halls…

…John Betjeman wrote to ask her for the correct version of four lines of verse which were in circulation and attributed to her. They were:

As years come in and years go out

I totter toward the tomb,

Still caring less and less about

Who goes to bed with whom.

She added the following textual criticism: “The alliteration in the second line lends, I feel, a kind of rickety dignity to the whole, as of one tapping slowly along on two sticks; and the rhyme and enjambement at the end of the 3rd line seem to me to usher in the final pronouncement with a more breathless solemnity.” “

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