Royal Society of Arts

Pictured: Angela Isadora Duncan (1877-1927) “Mother of Modern Dance”

“Even more ironic was (Gill’s) inclusion in the list of the first eleven industrial designers to be awarded the Royal Society of Arts’ insignia of Royal Designer for Industry – Eric Gill, who had once reviled both industry and monarchy…His election to the Royal Designers had a double irony since these were just the people he had jeered at since those old days at the Central School: the followers of Lethaby, the fuddy-duddies, tweedies, the boys who did not drink, the English gentleman designers. The early RDIs were Gill’s old Arts and Crafts connections: J.H. Mason, Harold Stabler, the aged C.F.A. Voysey, Douglas Cockerell. Amongst the Royal Designers Gill only met his match in Edward Gordon Craig, the visionary stage designer: that other man of temperament, genius and tiresomeness, and indeed another worshipper of Isadora Duncan.”

Fiona MacCarthy: Eric Gill (1989) Chapter Eleven: Pigotts 1928-40

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