Frederick Charles Palmer and Walter Holden

From: Historic Area Study of Kingston Town Centre, by Susie Barson, for Historic England:

“Following the rebuilding of the railway station in 1934-5 a new shopping thoroughfare was created in 1939 between Clarence Street and Fife Street, called Castle Street. This improved the connection between the station and the town centre. Castle Street was a single- phased development comprising shops and showrooms, with flats above, on both sides of the street. Examples of well-designed commercial buildings of the inter- war period survive in this area: the Halifax Building Society building (1935, Gale, Heath and Sneath, architects) and the former National Provincial Bank, now HSBC (1929, F.C.R. Palmer, with W. Holden – pictured above).”

From Historic England:

“The National Provincial Bank was the only one of the big five financial institutions to employ in-house architects in the inter-war period. Frederick Charles Palmer was appointed in 1920 and joined by Walter Holden soon after. Holden succeeded Palmer following his death in the mid-30s and continued as the bank’s architect. The pair was responsible for the design of the interiors and their fittings and worked in a variety of styles: examples include Neo-Georgian (Southampton, 1927-9, Grade II), Jacobean (Peterborough, 1928-9, Grade II), ‘Wrenaissance’ (Norwich, 1924, Grade II) and Holden’s own Modernist designs (Osterley, London Borough of Hounslow, 1935, Grade II).”

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