Cort dress

Above: Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth, by John Singer Sargent, 1889. Terry is wearing the Carr-Nettleship iridescent dress. (See post of 8/12/18.)

From Wikipedia: “One of (Alice Comyns) Carr’s best-known works is a costume that used beetle wings to create an iridescent effect. The dress was worn by Terry as Lady Macbeth in the Shakespeare play Macbeth. It was designed by Carr and crocheted by dressmaker Ada Nettleship* to simulate a soft chain mail with also something of an effect of serpent scales. Nettleship had used beetle wings in some of her earlier designs, and this dress employed over 1,000 beetle wings. The restored costume is now on display in Terry’s home, Smallhythe Place, near Tenterden in Kent. The American artist John Singer Sargent painted Terry in the dress in 1889.”

*Adaline Cort Nettleship (1856-1932), née Hinton, was a British dressmaker and costume designer known for working at the forefront of the Aesthetic dress style and the rational dress movement.

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