“…to Norway to observe the sun’s eclipse…”

“…The knocker was muffled. Morris ordered it to be unwrapped: “folks would think he was having a baby”…

…The following day he was suddenly feeling much better. It was a bright morning and (Sydney) Cockerell, Mary de Morgan, (F.S.) Ellis and Georgie wheeled him out into Ravenscourt Park in his bath chair. This invalid chair was a feature, almost the symbol, of those last few weeks in Hammersmith: Morris, huddled into it, resembled his old self, acting the aged gentleman in the Socialist play The Duchess of Bayswater. In the park they were met by a small girl, Ellis’s granddaughter, who gazed in wonder. It was one of those mysterious encounters with children that Morris, in Iceland, had so vividly described. Morris was cheerful on that outing. It was the furthest he had yet been in the wheelchair…

…Fairfax Murray made two drawings from the corpse. Cockerell, who had never seen a dead man before, was startled to see the change in Morris. “The face was singularly beautiful,” wrote Cockerell; the expression of repose made it look quite unlike the Morris that he knew.”

Fiona MacCarthy: William Morris (1994) Chapter Nineteen: Norway 1896

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