The former Richmond County School

From Wikipedia:

“In the latter part of the 19th century there was no reasonable secondary education in Barnes and Richmond for miles around except for those who could afford private tuition or send their children many miles to school. In the most populous areas of Surrey, (e.g. Sutton, Wimbledon and Richmond) parents were for the most part obliged to be content to give their children an Elementary education. Richmond County was to be one of a series of new Technical Buildings erected or being erected by the County Council in the seven principal towns of the county.

The school was opened on 2 July 1895 on land in Kew Road, Richmond and was fee paying. The buildings occupied a prominent site on the Kew Road at the corner of Selwyn Avenue. This building housed both the Technical Institute and secondary school. Pupils residing in Surrey paid £6 per year, whilst those from outside the county paid £10. The school began with a headmaster and five assistant masters, with visiting staff for the teaching of Art, Singing, French and German.

Originally there were 50 boys between 11 and 16 and by 1901, when the new south wing was added, numbers had increased. An extension comprising an assembly hall, four classrooms, a gymnasium/drill hall and two workshops was opened in 1902. The first headmaster, A E Buckhurst, was succeeded in 1912 by T W Beasley who continued in office until the school’s amalgamation with East Sheen County School for Boys in 1939.

At this point, the school moved out of the Kew Road premises leaving the Technical Institute as sole occupants of the Kew Road site. The Technical Institute continued up to the Second World War when it was put on a war-time basis and used as an A.R.P and ambulance depot. It was revived as the Technical Institute and School of Art for Richmond and Barnes in 1947 and in 1954 renamed as the Richmond Institute of Further Education. In 1970 it became the Richmond Adult College and in 1978 transferred to the Parkshot site…”

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