While we’re here…

From Wikipedia:

  • Pavel (Bulgarian, Russian and Macedonian: Павел, Czech, Slovene, Romanian: Pavel, Polish: Paweł, Ukrainian: Павло, Pavlo) is a masculine given name. It is a Slavic cognate of the name Paul (derived from the Greek Pavlos).”
  • ..What is not shared with English but is similar to North American native languages is the extremely colorful nature of some Czech surnames, such as Brzobohatý (Soon to be rich), Volopich (Pricking an ox), Urvinitka (Tear a string), Rádsetoulal (Liked wandering around), Stojaspal (Slept standing), Vítámvás (I welcome you), Tenkrát (Back in those days), Schovajsa (Hide yourself!), Nebojsa (Don’t be afraid!), Skočdopole (Jump in a field!), Vozihnoj (Driving with manure), Osolsobě (Salt for yourself!), Ventluka (Knocking outward), Nejezchleba (Don’t eat bread!), Potměšil (He sewed in the dark), Přecechtěl (He wanted anyway), Drahokoupil (He bought costly), Nepovím (I’m not going to tell)…”
  • For “The History of Paved Court behind Old Palace Terrace, Richmond” by E Horsfall-Turner, see Journal of the Richmond Local History Society No. 5: 1984.

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