“As good fish in the sea…”*

Pictured: “The Three Graces”: the Royal Liver Building, the Cunard Building, and the Port of Liverpool Building.

*From E Nesbit’s The Phoenix and the Carpet (1904) Chapter III (Father’s comment on Cook’s threat to give notice.)

Juliet Nicolson: The Perfect Summer, 1911 (2006) Chapter 8: Early August:

“On 11 August the House was told that the Prime Minister was suffering from laryngitis brought on by strain and had been advised by his doctor to rest his voice. But the events that had caused this strain continued to develop. The passionate intention of the Liverpool railway workers to demonstrate their unhappiness found expression at Central Station, where a cart containing herrings was attacked and hundreds of fish were sent skimming through the air to land in shimmering slithery, silvery piles all over the street. There was a sense of barely contained violence in the city, and on the 13th, a Sunday, Churchill decided that military intervention was the only possible way to relieve the situation. At a request for help from the Lord Mayors of Liverpool and Birkenhead who were thought by some MPs to be “hysterical” – the warship HMS Antrim sailed up the coast to anchor off Birkenhead: 2,300 troops and cavalry officers, representing the entire Aldershot garrison, had arrived on the Mersey…The 1715 Riot Act was read aloud…”

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