Quinlan Terry (b. 24th July, 1937)

Pictured: Quinlan Terry’s £20m Richmond Riverside Development (1987) for Haslemere Estates.

In Third Way (May 1989), Robin Kent wrote:

“…Born in 1937 into a liberal atheistic background, Quinlan Terry was converted (to Christianity) under the ministry of Martyn Lloyd Jones at Westminster Chapel during his late teens. During the war the Terrys were evacuated from their North London terrace to a house designed by the arch-Modernist Berthold Lubetkin (of Regent’s Park Penguin Pool fame) where they met Erno Goldfinger and the past leader of the Bauhaus and high priest of Modernism, Walter Gropius. The young Terry went on to study architecture at the avant garde Architectural Association, where he developed an unfashionable admiration for William Morris, Eric Gill and Lutyens rather than the expected Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe. To achieve a pass, he even had to redesign his final project in the Modern style. Despite this, his first job was with James Stirling, one of Britain’s best known Modernist architects and later RIBA gold medallist. But Terry soon threw up the big time and joined the late Raymond Erith, a lone traditionalist in Constable country, whose practice he has continued…”

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