On 29th April, inews published James Rampton’s interview with the actor Rafe Spall, including news of his current televised drama series:

“Before the lockdown, Spall filmed Trying, a comedy drama about a London couple called Jason (Spall) and Nikki (Esther Smith). The couple, both in their thirties, are desperate for a baby but, unfortunately, it is the one thing they are unable to achieve. Having exhausted all other options, they attempt to adopt a child.

The eight-part series, which is available on Apple TV+ from tomorrow, follows their efforts to navigate the maze of adoption. Also starring Imelda Staunton, Cush Jumbo and Sian Brooke, Trying is tender, funny and – mercifully – not too sentimental.”

Spall appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Loose Ends on Saturday, and spoke (begins at 31m35s) to the programme’s host, Clive Anderson. Spall said:

“…but I think what’s universally identifiable is the point that you get to in your life when you feel like something’s missing, and then in turn trying to rectify that or fill that hole. So in their case it’s children, in other people’s case it might be relationships or careers or jobs or whatever. But it’s about a certain – on a meta-level, a holistic level – getting to a certain point in your life when you feel like, you know, is this it? And for them it’s children, and the pursuit of adopting a child is arduous and long and complicated and shines a light into every aspect of your life…”.

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