David Hockney, b. 9 July 1937

From the Gerry in Art blog, February 26, 2014: “David Hockney: Early Reflections at the Walker”:

“…Then there were the showers.  Arriving in America in the early sixties from an England where such things were barely dreamed of, Hockney marvelled at the showers, and at the American fondness for them. “Man in Shower in Beverly Hills”, painted in 1964 in acrylic, explores the artistic possibilities of moving water, shower curtains and glass doors – all of which excited him. He was inspired to update a traditional artistic theme – the bather – saying:

For an artist the interest in showers is obvious: the whole body is always in view and in movement, usually gracefully, as the bather is caressing his own body.

In this painting, the figure and tiles were based on a voyeuristic photograph he bought… Hockney called the painting ‘conceptual’. In it he experiments with pattern, the illusion of surfaces and falling water, and composition.

Some challenges were unresolved – he struggled to paint the man’s feet and bent the plant to cover them…”

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