William Golding (1911 – 1993)

Image: “Juliet‘s Balcony”, Verona

Judy Carver, author as Judy Golding of The Children of Lovers: A Memoir of William Golding by His Daughter (2012), wrote in The Guardian of 14.5.11:

“…We knew already that he was remarkable. People forget now that she was as well. However, at this point, say 1960 or thereabouts, there was a hint of trouble. The situation became more rewarding for my father than my mother. He was lionised for his writing. There was more money, more free time, and when he spoke others listened, perhaps too respectfully. Once, a friend of ours actually hushed her, so that he could hear my father.

One of her drama societies planned to stage a new production of Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale. In the 1950s, she had played Hermione, the beautiful, wronged wife of the morbidly jealous King Leontes. For the new production, however, she was offered the part of Paulina, the queen’s older friend and champion. My mother, insulted, refused. Sadly, that was the end of her acting. Paulina is an interesting part, and it’s a shame that she couldn’t take it on. But she could no more do that than I could stop being frightened of the dark…”

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