Daniel Oliver (1830 – 1916)

Penelope Fitzgerald: Charlotte Mew and Her Friends (1984) Chapter Two – Love between Women:

“Her best friends were sober, hard-working girls. The three Chicks – Elsie, Margaret, and Harriet, from Ealing – seemed set to become teachers. Ethel Oliver was the daughter of Professor Daniel Oliver, the curator of Kew Herbarium, and a friend of Ruskin and the painter Arthur Hughes…”

From ChronicleLive of 14.4.16:

“A name of a Tynesider who became one of the nation’s leading botanists will live on through the planting of a special tree.

This year is the centenary of the death of Daniel Oliver, who was born in Newcastle .

Now North Tyneside Council has planted a lime tree, called Tilia oliveri or Chinese silver lime, which is named after Daniel Oliver.

The tree was one of 17 planted from all over the world – including a giant redwood – at the newly-restored Wallsend Parks.

The aim is to gradually improve the variety of trees at the parks over the next 10 years.

Other species which have been planted include Persian ironwood, native to Northern Iran, swamp cypress, native to America, and dawn redwoods, from China.

Daniel Oliver was born in 1830 and by his mid-twenties was making botanical excursions to Ireland and the Aran Isles as well as collecting plants from around the North East.

From 1858 he worked as an assistant at Kew Gardens, London, and was later appointed professor of botany at University College London.

He went on to become the keeper of the Kew herbarium and library in 1864, a position which he held until retirement in 1890.

He produced a book on Kew Gardens and was made a fellow of the Royal and Linnean Societies, also receiving medals from both.

His other books included Lessons in Elementary Botany (1864), three volumes of the Flora of Tropical Africa (1868-1877) and Illustrations of the Principal Natural Orders of the Vegetable Kingdom (1874).”

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