Lost and Found (2008)

Alternative Magazine Online of 21/11/2009 carried a Conversation With Philip Hunt (Studio AKA, Director Of Lost And Found) By Marty Mulrooney, who asked:

Am I correct in saying that the Octopus scene was a new addition to the story? Can you explain the reasons for adding this?

“Yes, the addition of the Octopus came about when we discussed having the Boy meet some characters while at sea. The original draft had the Boy and Penguin spending a first night at sea gazing up at a starlit night whilst whales silently cruised past their boat. But this scene was dropped when we went straight into the storm on the first night.

The Octopus was considered instead of the whales at one point and then became a possible character to fill out the undersea adventure part of the film that was planned – a scene also dropped due to time and budgetary constraints – but one that was hinted at in the Penguin’s brief fishing expedition.

Oliver and I both clung onto the idea of having the large octopus find a place in the narrative – we both love films with giant squid in them (a tiny genre!) – and so we had the Octopus as one of the hazards the Boy faced, to add another element of peril after the big wave takes them out. What made the difference was realising that we could flip the character from bad to good. So the Octopus becomes this benign stranger who points them back in the right direction… although he’s more than just that to those in the know…”

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