The former Iron Church, 275 Sandycombe Road

From the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames’s CONSERVATION AREA STUDY:

“The churches

The population expanded so rapidly that the local schools and churches were vastly oversubscribed. A site on Sandy Lane was donated for the erection of St. Luke’s Church, a corrugated iron church with a small classroom, but this was soon outgrown. Then the Selwyns provided a plot on Kew Road, on the site of the old Pagoda House (then Selwyn Court, the family home), in 1895, for Christ Church. About the same time, they provided the site for the new St. Luke’s and its Rectory in Avenue Road, at the heart of their development and of a suitable scale among the large detached villas it serves. The little corrugated iron church was moved across Sandycombe Road and a small brick school built on the old church site. The old school is now St. Luke’s House Education Centre. The corrugated iron church, which appears to be a temporary structure, has in fact been in use for almost a century, from 1892 until the 1980s, as a Social Club, which entertained many important visitors, including prime ministers and royalty – Queen Mary and King George VI with Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. It is still in use, currently as a martial arts club.”

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