Hampton Police Station (1846)

From: The Changing Face of Station Road, Hampton (2014), by John Sheaf:

“No 12 Station Road was the second Police Station in Hampton. In Dec 1846 Home Office approval was granted for the building of a Police Station in Hampton at 12 Station Road where it remained until the opening of the Police Station at 68 Station Road in 1905. The premises at No 12 were purpose-built unlike the earlier premises at No 46 which utilised an existing building. The Vestry minutes of 26 January 1849 record that the Police Station was assessed for Rates of £26 p.a. and so the building was probably completed at about that time.

The 1861 Census shows Sgt Charles Churchill and 6 constables living at the Police Station. In 1896, in the days before telephones, an electric bell circuit was approved between the Police Station and the house of Captain (of the fire brigade) Robert Graham who lived in the house St Albans in Hampton Court Road. (This house was demolished in 1972 but the former stables still survive as St Albans Lodge). After the Police Station moved out of No 12 in 1905 the building became a laundry and was also known as Suffolk House. The directories record that it was used as a laundry until 1921. Since then it has been used by both private owners and for commercial uses. In more recent years it was used as offices, in the 1990s by Printpak Ltd and more recently by Brasher Leisure Ltd. In very recent times it has been converted back to domestic accommodation and has been renamed The Old Police Station.”

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