River House, Strand on the Green

From: Who Was Who on Strand on the Green by Kathleen Judges and Christopher Knight, and panoramaofthethames.com:

52 Strand on the Green: The Browns were living in a house on this site when Nos 50 & 51 were built. Daniel Brown, citizen and stationer of London, built a high garden wall between his garden and the two new houses and made a careful will in 1726 to ensure that his wife, Susan, his son and his two daughters would have the use of the house and garden for the rest of their lives. 

In 1793 Edward Sykes, Barrister of New Inn, Middle Temple, moved into the house as a sub-tenant, acquiring the copyhold of the big house with its garden running as far as the Ship Inn. He re-built River House on the old foundations and cellars and extended it into a terrace of five 3-storey houses, faced with unusual white Suffolk brick, with semi-basement kitchens. The interiors vary in detail and may have been completed to suit the occupants. The property was settled on his two daughters who both married barristers and moved into Nos 53 and 55 in about 1800 . The other two houses were let.

From about 1850-1929 nos 53 and 53A were occupied as one house known as The Ferns; you can still make out the name between the windows of no 53A.

Following the Anschluss in 1938, Fritz Spiegl and his sister were sent by Kindertransport to England. During his time as a music student in London, he lodged with Mrs Audrey Tower at No 52.

Julia Korner, LSIAD, Fine Art, is now based at The River House, 52 Strand on the Green.

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