The Oxenhouse Gate of Kew Gardens

From Greater London Authority planning report D&P/3169/01 17 July 2013:

The proposal

Restoration of the Temperate House including the upgrading of services, creation of a central activity space, an extension between the centre block and the North Octogan, plus the provision of w.c’s, ramps and associated landscaping. Restoration of Evolution House to accommodate a new Engagement Centre. Partial demolition of the existing energy centre to provide a new biomass boiler and the construction of a temporary decant structure (1,200 sq.m plus 66 sq.m service plant) to accommodate the displaced plant collection for the duration of the works. Temporary dismantling and re-instatement of the stone plinths and railings of vehicular entrance from A307 Kew Road.”

“…As the application site is within the larger Kew Gardens boundary, the application site can be accessed publicly from the formal site entrances at the Main Gate, Kew Green, the Victoria and Lion Gate and the Brentford Gate on Ferry Lane. Security-controlled vehicular access is possible from the A307 Kew Road via the Oxenhouse Gate located on southern boundary of the gardens, however, this is for the purpose of the Kew Garden’s estate maintenance team, servicing and emergency vehicles. The site is served by bus route 65, with the closest bus stop located adjacent to the site entrance on Kew Road. Consequently, the site has a public transport accessibility level (PTAL) of 2 on a scale of 1 to 6, where 6(b) is the most accessible…”

From the website of London Welsh Rugby:


29 NOVEMBER 2018

There will be no vehicle access or parking near to the Lions Gate entrance (the far gate on the Kew Road) This is due to continuing construction works along the path and surrounding area.

The programme of works for this project and the site boundary is being undertaken by Kew Gardens.

The repair works will mean that the Oxen House Lane has and will continue to have restricted access. The lane will not be accessible between mid-day and 20:00hrs each day.

There will be no parking on Oxen House Lane for the full period of these works.

These works will be operational until at least mid to late December – Please pass it on!”

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