“Come forth into the light of things”*

*line from “The Tables Turned” (1798) by William Wordsworth.

Image above shows lamp standard opposite the Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, Holborn WC2. The original arms had a portcullis as the main “charge”, which now forms the “crest” (the current Westminster coat of arms was given to the city by an official grant on 2 September 1964.)

From the website of the City of Westminster:

“Westminster City Council (1900 to 1965):

Westminster City was formed in 1900 out of the parishes of St Anne Soho, St Clement Danes, St George (Hanover Square), St James (Piccadilly), St Margaret ( Westminster), St Martin-in-the-Fields, St Mary le Strand, St Paul (Covent Garden), the Precinct of the Savoy and the Liberty of the Rolls.

Both the baths & washhouses committee and the libraries committee started under the parish administration and continued under the Westminster City Council administration.

In 1965 the boroughs of St Marylebone and Paddington were added to the City of Westminster, to form the modern Westminster City Council.”

From: A Short History of Public Lighting in the City of Westminster, in “IPLE Lighting Journal”, March 1984, by Nigel E. Pollard:

“The turn of the century brought about the demise of the various parish vestries as local authorities with the official creation of the Westminster City Council, Borough of St Marylebone and Borough of Paddington in 1900. The Borough of St Marylebone, alone out of the three, decided to use the provisions of an Act of 1888 to take over the running of the Marylebone Electric Supply Company for themselves.

Lighting improvements continued under the new bodies – the subsequent additions to the Strand, being identical to their predecessors but for the change of name and motif cast into them.”

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