“This too shall pass”*

Image: 198, Shaftesbury Avenue. Londonist: “Freud has been serving cocktails (and coffees) in the heart of the West End for almost 30 years, and the high ceilings and exposed concrete have hosted everything from documentary photography to ink sketches and oil paintings.” (FREUD London is now open Thursday to Saturday, while Oxford is open Friday to Sunday.)

*Persian adage translated and used in multiple languages. It is known in the Western world primarily due to a 19th-century retelling of Persian fable by the English poet Edward FitzGerald.

JTA wrote in The Times of Israel on 7 November 2015:

“A brother and sister are fighting in Britain’s High Court over whether their late mother should have a Jewish or Christian burial.

Susanna Levrant wants a traditional Church of England funeral for Iris Freud, while David Freud is seeking a Jewish funeral, the Daily Mail reported on Friday.

According to the Daily Mail, High Court Judge Justice Arnold described the dispute as “biblical” and said deciding it would require the “judgment of Solomon,” referring to the biblical king of Israel.

Iris Freud died on Oct. 12…According to an attorney for Levrant, Freud was born into the Church of England and did not convert when she married her late husband Gideon Freud, a practicing Jew, whom she met in the 1940s after he fled to England from Nazi-occupied Europe. When Gideon Freud died in 1974, Iris Freud “ceased observing Jewish rules,” according to the attorney.

David Freud is seeking a funeral ceremony without the Christian hymns or songs that Levrant wants, and he is pushing to have their mother buried at Kensal Green Cemetery in north London. Levrant, however, described Kensal Green as “rundown and unpleasant” and prefers East Sheen Cemetery, which is closer to her West London home…”

The Jewish Chronicle reported on November 9, 2015:

“…Now, after two days in court, the siblings have each made concessions – following much prompting by Mr Justice Arnold.

Mrs Levrant, 66, said outside court that it had now been agreed that the ceremony will take place in two parts.

The first portion of the service will be solemnly traditional and Mr Freud and his family can leave after the burial if they wish.

However, Mrs Levrant and her supporters may then return to the chapel to sing ‘If You Were the Only Girl in the World’.

The funeral service, eulogy and burial will be conducted under the neutral auspices of the Master of the Inner Temple Church, in central London.

(Church Times of 13.11.15: “The service will be taken by the Master of the Temple Church, the Revd Robin Griffith-Jones, who was selected as a neutral party. “The court has taken great trouble, over even quite small details of the service, to ensure that both children feel that their mother is being properly honoured and that their own traditions are being respected,” he said on Tuesday.

“What we do will have been sorted out by the court and by agreement with both siblings. My job is just to make sure that the service goes fittingly.” “)

And Mrs Freud will find her final resting place at Mortlake Cemetery, close to Putney, in West London, where she lived for 66 years.

The settlement came after the judge said he would not relish exercising the “judgement of Solomon” and forcing a compromise on the siblings.

He told them that, if they didn’t reach terms, he would have to impose “the nearest equivalent of the biblical solution” – a third way which neither side would welcome.”…

…(David Freud) was determined to observe shloshim, a period during which Jewish mourners are forbidden from, among other things, attending concerts or listenening to music…

After negotiations outside court, the siblings heeded the judge’s call for compromise and agreed on Mortlake.

Mrs Freud grew up in Tottenham, north London, in a “large working class family,” and met her husband Gideon Freud in the 1940’s.

He was a Czech jew who fled to Paris, then Britain, during World War Two, but his wife never converted to his faith.

He worked as a film scriptwriter and journalist, corresponding on art and theatre for German language newspapers. He died in 1974.

Mr Freud described his father as “a brilliant, wise man, and a delight to talk to”.”

Ruth Maclean wrote in the Oxford Student of 2 May 2013:

“Oxford University has revealed plans to build the multimillion-pound Blavatnik School of Government on a historic Jericho site.

The site of the building is proposed to be on Walton Street between Freud’s cocktail bar and across the road from Oxford University Press.

Yet the plans have attracted outrage from Jericho residents and traders, including the Freud family, owners of the eponymous cocktail bar, who feel the new building will compromise the site’s historic character,

The building will occupy 9800sq feet of space and reach a height of 22 metres, which is almost twice the size of the surrounding buildings.

Additional outrage has focused on the fact that the development will require the disinterment of several hundred bodies from a graveyard, owned by the Freuds as part of the former Church of St Paul.

Explaining his opposition, David Freud of the Freud family, said: “My concerns are with the effect that the building will have on the setting. Directly it affects the setting of a number of so –called ‘heritage assets’ which are actually on the site or around it.”

He added: “Where you have a heritage asset, you have not only to preserve it, but you also have to either preserve or enhance its setting. What the university’s proposing is to plonk down a building on top of one of these heritage assets and between three others.”

Freud’s son, Gideon Freud, a third year at St John’s, also noted that the proposed design for the building is inappropriate for Jericho. He said: “Much of the space within the proposed Blavatnik School of Government building will be a void designed to give the building a larger size than it would have otherwise required, in order to ensure its ‘iconic’ status.”

From the website of the Blavatnik School of Government:

“The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has announced the winners of the 2016 RIBA National Awards, the most rigorous and prestigious awards for new buildings in the UK, and they include the Blavatnik School of Government.

“From the street, this is a statement piece. It is radically different from the urban and intellectual context of its Oxford setting, but with subtle references that ground it. The more you stand and stare, the more these references become clear and add a richness that elevates this building beyond a bold iconic statement. Inside, the building is quite simply breathtaking. It is one of those rare moments in architecture when the spirit soars. This is a modern cathedral of learning that at the same time stimulates, soothes and excites.” RIBA Awards website

David Freud notes on his LinkedIn account:

“I was a medievalist at the Courtauld Institute. My specialist examination subject was English Decorated Gothic Architecture. I wrote the thesis, which counted separately towards my degree, on the subject of a late medieval mystical work, The Desert of Religion, which combines verse, written in Middle English, and pictures. My overall degree was awarded with a Congratulated Mark of Distinction. My thesis was also given a Mark of Distinction…Anthony Blunt was Director – it was he who stood to congratulate me when I entered the room for my viva.”

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