“Anybody can be a great photographer…

…if they zoom in enough on what they love. …”: David Bailey.

From: The New Sexual Landscape and Contemporary Psychoanalysis (2020) by Danielle Knafo and Rocco Lo Bosco:

Younger generations refuse to accept the developmental trajectory found in earlier psychoanalytic theories, in which psychic growth has been measured according to an individual’s ability to forgo identifying with the opposite sex and/or desiring the same sex. Healthy development has traditionally been equated with the acceptance of human reality, and its limitations. But our definition of human reality, especially with its newer virtual expansion, is quickly changing, raising questions about what exactly we are adapting to. We need to update our developmental theories, or at least confront the meaning these changes have on them. As Stephen Hartman (2011) argues in his article, “Reality 2.0: When loss is lost”, limits and loss are being replaced with multiplicity and deletion. Referring to the effects of a new reality that thrives in cyberspace, he writes, “This reality defined by loss is rapidly being supplanted by something new: limitless access” (p.472). What happens when loss is disavowed and reality and its boundaries are viewed as elastic and interchangeable?…”

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