“Bertrand Russell says that ‘World Review is always interesting’…”

Richard Fairhurst: “This is a classic example of a bike-only route that avoids a busy road. By piecing together narrow streets, blocked to motorists by judicious use of bollards, you can entirely avoid the Farringdon Road and reach King’s Cross from the City. The key is Shoe Lane, a tiny street that passes under Holborn Viaduct (see image) without a sniff of traffic. Saffron Hill isn’t any wider, but together they do a very good job of delivering you onto the back streets of Farringdon. From here you can skirt around the frenzy of Kings Cross to come out opposite St Pancras Station.”

From: Penelope Fitzgerald – a Life (2013) by Hermione Lee:

“Edward Hulton…inherited £6 million from his father in 1936. He used it to establish the Hulton Press, which from 1937 published an impressive range of popular, and specialist, journals including Lilliput, Farmer’s Weekly, Nursing Times, and, most notably, Picture Post…Hulton also…in 1950 started publishing Eagle and then Swift…and the equivalent for girl readers…Girl.

the lively, literary young Fitzgeralds seemed a plausible choice of editors…when Hulton came to revamp one of his periodicals, World Review, in 1950…

On the first page, under its title, its price (1s. 6d) and its provenance – produced from the Hulton Office at 43 Shoe Lane, EC4, printed at the Curwen Press in Plaistow – it gives a list of tributes recently paid to this “monthly devoted to Literature and the Arts and all other aspects of our cultural interests”…Bertrand Russell says that ‘World Review is always interesting, much more so, to me, than most other reviews.’…”

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