“Where My Caravan Has Rested”*


From arabkitsch.com:

Composer: Hermann Lohr

Lyricist: Edward Teschemacher

Copyright: 1909

Publisher: Chappell & Co., Ltd., New York

Notes: This is NOT a Middle Eastern song, but a gypsy ballad, part of a larger collection of “Romany Songs.” A footnote explains “The Gipsies [sic] leave some grass or a few flowers at the Cross Roads to show other gipsies following behind them the road they have taken. This is known as  the “Patterain.”


 Where my caravan has rested,

Flowers I leave you on the grass,

All the flowers of love and memory,

You will find them when you pass.


You will understand their message,

Stoop to kiss them where they lie;

But if other lips have loved you,

Shed no tear-and pass them by.

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