The former Palaceum, Hampton.

From the website of the Twickenham Museum:

“The Palaceum, on Station Road, Hampton, opened in September 1912.

Information from the website of the Twickenham Park Residents’ Association:


Teddington Picture House, owned by actor Cyril Reeves Hicks, opens at 7, Teddington High Street.


The manager of Teddington Picture House, Mr A Ramsden, moves to The Gaiety (Twickenham) for a short period.


Alec Hyman Blackman married Esther Feldman in Whitechapel. They went on to have three daughters: Freda (b.1920) Hannah (b.1922) and Sylvia (b.1928).


Middlesex Kinemas Ltd was set up by Philip Blackman, his son Alec Hyman Blackman, and an accountant Louis Kingsley. (Father and son were born in Russia.) Philip Blackman was a self employed boot maker living in Dock Street, Stepney. His son Alec was at the time a teacher of Hebrew. Middlesex Kinemas took over the Teddington Picture House the same year.


Abraham Dubowski and business partner Michael Michaels jointly operated The Gaiety.


Middlesex Kinemas acquired The Gaiety (Twickenham), and the Teddington Picture House. Electoral Register shows Alec Hyman Blackman and his wife Esther as living in Waldegrave Road, Teddington. Blackman appears to have acquired the Park Cinema near Lewisham for a short period in 1922, but otherwise to have operated west of London.


The Occupier of the Gaiety Picture Theatre is listed in a Council Rate Book as: Blackman, Alec Hyman; amended to Middlesex Kinemas Ltd. The Owner of the property is shown as Property Agents & Owners Ltd (local landowners).


The Kinematograph Year Book lists Blackman’s Middlesex Kinemas. The Group now operated four cinemas in South West London: The Gaiety, Twickenham and the Teddington Picture House, plus The Palaceum, Hampton (see picture above) and the Lyric Cinema, Wandsworth.


The Lyric Cinema, Wandsworth now owned by Rebecca Joel. Middlesex Kinemas sell the Teddington Picture House, retaining The Gaiety and The Palaceum.


Electoral Register for The Palaceum, Hampton, lists Alec Blackman’s brother, Simon, and Katie Dubowski.


Simon Blackman marries Katie, daughter of Asher Dubowski, a grocer in East London directly related to Abraham Dubowski (see above).

With the advent of larger purpose built cinemas designed for the new “talkies” these smaller theatres found it very difficult to compete and, with the added expense of conversion to sound, many companies, including Middlesex Kinemas, went out of business.

The Hampton Palaceum continued under new ownership, while The Gaiety closed altogether. The Teddington Picture House was redeveloped as the Savoy Cinema and completely rebuilt soon afterwards. (An office building named Harlequin House now occupies the site.)


The Lyric Picture Playhouse, Wandsworth, closed; the building was demolished and the land redeveloped.

Finally the Hampton Palaceum became The Hampton Electric Theatre and later The Hampton Cinema.


Hampton Cinema closes.”

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