Mars, the bringer of war*

*see first movement of Holst’s “The Planets”.

Mark Walker writes at VATES, The Journal of New Latin Poetry (Issue 12, Autumn 2016):


I kicked off in Vates #1 with an admiring survey of A. D. Godley’s dextrous Latin verse compositions, exhibit A being his macaronic salute to the new Oxford omnibuses, quoted there in full, featuring both in Dorothy Sayers’ The Greatest Single Defect of My Own Latin Education (now online) and Kingsley Amis’ The New Oxford Book of English Light Verse (1978), also much resurrected in newspaper articles about Boris’ ‘Bendi-Buses’.

Here as a tasty addendum is the late Herbert Huxley’s (editor of Virgil and prolific composer-publisher of Latin verses, e. g. Carmina: MCMLXIII, An Anthology of Latin Verses Composed In Metres Infrequently Attempted, 1963, & Corolla Camenae, 1969) macaronic salute to Godley, published in the London Association of Classical Teachers’ Newletter: Translations &Versions (1975):

Est praedulcis esu Mars-Bar. Nil est cibo tuo, Mars, par.

Tune vis beatum larem?

Habe promptum Martem-Barem. Captus dono Maris Baris Helenam liquisset Paris.

Dum natabunt ponto scari Dentur laudes Mari-Bari!

(The Mars -Bar is exceedingly sweet to eat. Nothing compares to your food, Mars. Do you want a happy household god? Then Grab a Mars-Bar. If he’d been seduced by the gift of a Mars-Bar, Paris would have ditched Helen. As long as the parrot-wrasse swims in the sea, let praises be given to Mars-Bar!)

Clear case of The Mars the Merrier…”

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