Richmond Station

John Moses wrote for Living In magazines on February 25, 2019:

“The London & South Western Railway (L&SWR) built the first Richmond railway from their terminus, Nine Elms, in 1846, though two years later they moved their terminus to its present site at Waterloo.

The original Richmond station ran to the west of the present station, under the road bridge and nearby offices, but nowadays, only the long narrow platform under the bridge is all that is left of the original station…

L&SWR built their new Richmond station close to the first station and these platforms are still there. In 1877 the Metropolitan District Railway, (now the District Line) were allowed to open their line from Mansion House to Richmond via Hammersmith, using the L&SWR tracks from Ravenscourt Park, which are still used today. The District Line’s competition proved too much and the L&SWR line from Addison Road was closed in 1916. In 1905, the District line brought in electric trains, as up to then all the trains had been steam. In 1937, Southern Railway, who had taken over the London & South Western Railway, rebuilt Richmond station in the new Art Deco style, amalgamating the two stations.”

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