From Wikipedia:

Myfanwy (Welsh: [məˈvɑːnʊɨ]; a woman’s name derived from Welsh annwyl ‘beloved’) is a popular Welsh song, composed by Joseph Parry and first published in 1875. Sources differ as to whether Dr. Parry composed the music for an existing poem by Richard Davies (“Mynyddog Mwynfawr”; 1833–1877) (the common belief) or whether Davies wrote the words to Parry’s melody following its use with an English lyric by Thomas Walter Price (Cuhelyn; 1829 – 1869), journalist and poet, called “Arabella”. Richard Davies’ lyric may have been influenced by the 14th Century love story of Myfanwy Fychan of Castell Dinas Brân, Llangollen, and the poet Hywel ab Einion. That story was also the subject of the popular poem, “Myfanwy Fychan” (1858), by John Ceiriog Hughes (1832–87). Some sources say it was written with Parry’s childhood sweetheart, Myfanwy Llywellyn, in mind. In 1947, Merthyr-Tydfil-born author, Jack Jones, wrote a book entitled “Off to Philadelphia in the morning” where he relates the story within some aspects of the life of Dr Joseph Parry, weaving facts into his fictional narrative.”

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