Word Association Football

From The Phrase Finder:

“Word association is a psychological technique invented by Jung in which patients are asked for an immediate response to any word fired at them. A word game based on this in which the first player starts with a word and subsequent players have to follow with a related word and so on has been staple fare for families on long car journeys and the like for many years.

Association football is the proper name of soccer (and the origin of the word soccer incidentally).

In a use of what computer programmers call recursion, the Monty Python team used the technique to provide an example of itself by merging the two terms. The subsequent inspired comic piece was performed by John Cleese on the Python album Matching Tie and Handkerchief…”

From: Right Ho, Jeeves, by P. G. Wodehouse, Chapter 23:

(Literary and Cultural References at madameulalie.org: half a bot. of something (p. 247) A half-bottle of wine, perhaps even champagne. [NM])

” “I suppose you might say that all’s well that ends well.”

“Very apt, sir.”

I mused again.

“All the same, your methods are a bit rough, Jeeves.”

“One cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs, sir.”

I started.

“Omelette! Do you think you could get me one?”

“Certainly, sir.”

“Together with half a bot. of something?”

“Undoubtedly, sir.”

“Do so, Jeeves, and with all speed.”

I climbed into bed and sank back against the pillows. I must say that my generous wrath had ebbed a bit. I was aching the whole length of my body, particularly toward the middle, but against this you had to set the fact that I was no longer engaged to Madeline Bassett. In a good cause one is prepared to suffer. Yes, looking at the thing from every angle, I saw that Jeeves had done well, and it was with an approving beam that I welcomed him as he returned with the needful…”

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