Number 9 Hill Street, Richmond, Surrey

Image: compare device above entrance with that of the National Provincial Bank: (Wikipedia): “The bishop’s gate device was part of a pictorial representation of the bank’s address at 15 Bishopsgate in the City of London. It is surmounted by two squirrels (suggested by the College of Arms as denoting thrift and foresight) supporting an urn; this alludes to The Flower Pot Inn which originally stood on the site of the entrance to the city office.”

From Wikipedia:

“…By 1886 the National Provincial Bank had 165 branches and its network was second only to the London and County Bank…”

From the website of the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames:

“Directories for Number 9 Hill Street


London & County Bank – H W Pownall. Manager…

(Wikipedia: “The Surrey, Kent and Sussex Banking Company had been established at Southwark in 1836 and soon had branches in places like Croydon, Brighton, Maidstone and Woolwich. It was renamed the London and County Banking Co. in 1839.”)


London and Provincial Bank – Charles O H Russell. Manager.“…

(Wikipedia: “The London and Provincial Bank, originally known as the Provincial Banking Corporation, was established in 1864.

It took over Day, Nicholson and Stone in 1864, and the Bank of Wales in 1865. It was reorganised in 1870 and became the London and Provincial Bank Limited with an authorised capital of £1m. In 1871/72 it acquired the firm of Fincham and Simpson.

Most branches were in suburbs of London, the eastern counties of England and south Wales. In 1917 it merged with the London and South Western, to form the London, Provincial and South Western Bank, which was acquired by Barclays Bank in 1918.”)

…Census Return for Number 9 Hill Street


Etherington’s Rooms

Directories for Number 9 Hill Street


Etherington & Son. Pianoforte Gallery.”

The Ivy Café, Richmond, currently occupies 9-11 Hill St, Richmond, TW9. From a review at trip “The Ivy Cafe *feels* indulgent and luxurious: art deco interior means plenty of mirrors, soft light and images covering every inch of wall…something to be done for the most special occasions.”

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