Overleaping the bounds

From Book Four of John Milton’s Paradise Lost (1667):

“Satan now in prospect of Eden, and nigh the place where he must now attempt the bold enterprize which he undertook alone against God and Man, falls into many doubts with himself, and many passions, fear, envy, and despare; but at length confirms himself in evil, journeys on to Paradise, whose outward prospect and scituation is discribed, overleaps the bounds…

…So on he fares, and to the border comes

Of Eden, where delicious Paradise,

Now nearer, Crowns with her enclosure green,

As with a rural mound the champain head

Of a steep wilderness, whose hairie sides [ 135 ]

With thicket overgrown, grottesque and wilde,

Access deni’d; and over head up grew

Insuperable highth of loftiest shade,

Cedar, and Pine, and Firr, and branching Palm

A Silvan Scene, and as the ranks ascend [ 140 ]

Shade above shade, a woodie Theatre

Of stateliest view. Yet higher then thir tops

The verdurous wall of paradise up sprung:

Which to our general Sire gave prospect large

Into his neather Empire neighbouring round. [ 145 ]

And higher then that Wall a circling row

Of goodliest Trees loaden with fairest Fruit,

Blossoms and Fruits at once of golden hue

Appeerd, with gay enameld colours mixt:

On which the Sun more glad impress’d his beams [ 150 ]

Then in fair Evening Cloud, or humid Bow,…”

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