Holocaust Memorial Day in Richmond Borough

Above: Thames Street, Hampton.

From the website of Hampton School:

“…Freddy was placed at 52 Lebanon Park with the other boys who had arrived in Britain. Thanks to the time that Freddy spent in Lebanon Park he formed close friendships with his housemates. Freddy’s son, Michael, remembers joining his father on visits to see Ralph Metzger who lived not far from the Popper family in West London. Freddy also stayed close to Emil Haber…and visited him in Vienna, where the latter had moved after the Second World War. Michael also remembers that his father stayed in touch with Margot Brauer and was immensely fond of ‘Gitte’ who had helped look after him in Lebanon Park…”

Click to access 52LP_Web.pdf

From the website of Turing House School:

“Turing House students are taking part in a Holocaust Memorial Day project where they are completing a creative writing piece based on fact.

They are focusing on the story of the Jewish boys who were forced to flee from Nazism and came to Twickenham before the Second World War. These pieces will then be put together in a book in time for Holocaust Memorial Day in late January 2021. A copy of the book will be put online and sent to lots of people in our borough and around the country too.

Below is Meg Delaney’s piece:

Ralph’s Story

This is called Ralph’s story, but really my name is Rolf…”

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