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*Mike Horne, writer and researcher, died in March 2020. Mike’s research interests were broad covering inter alia the London underground, telecommunications, London, police history and civil parish boundary markers.

The metadyne is an intriguing type of electrical machine, akin to a rotating amplifier, and is particularly suited to heavy duty operation where constant voltage input needs to be converted into a constant current (but adjustable) output. The contrived name comes from the greek ‘dynamis’, meaning power. The machine had was found to be useful for certain types of drive mechanism, including gun turrets and cranes, and to a lesser extent, traction; under this name it was developed in the 1930s and 40s by Metropolitan Vickers and was a development of the earlier Amplidyne machine developed in America.

Whilst there are all kinds of stories that could be offered as to why it is relevant to this site, Mike was actually after a fairly ambiguous name and just liked it!”


It is with great sadness that I inform you that M.A.C. Horne FCILT (who wrote as Mike Horne) and who was a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Carmen, died this morning (26 March 2020)…

 Following in his father’s footsteps, Mike joined the Metropolitan Police for whom he worked in their forensic laboratory. He later became a railway Area Manager with London Transport. Latterly he became a noted transport author and researcher and had the most encyclopaedic knowledge of a wide range of subjects, especially (but not limited to) transport. He had recently published the 2nd volume of his history of the District Railway, produced to celebrate the railway’s 150th anniversary in 2018.

 He will be missed by many…

 His books included:

The Victoria Line – A short history (1988) ISBN 1 870354 02 8

The Northern Line (second edn 1999) ISBN 1 85414 208 9

The Jubilee Line (2000) ISBN 1 85414 220 8

The Bakerloo Line (second edn 2001) ISBN 1 85414 248 8

The Metropolitan Line (2003) ISBN 1 85414 275 5

The Victoria Line (second edition 2004) ISBN 1 85414 281 X

The District Line (2006) ISBN 1 85414 292 5

The Piccadilly Tube – A History of the First Hundred Years (2007) ISBN 978 1 85414 305 1 (Hardback)

London’s District Railway: A History of the Metropolitan District Railway. (2018)[1][2] ISBN 978-1-85414-425-6

The Last Link – The First 30 Years of the Hampstead Railway ISBN 978 0 9507416 6 6

150 Years of the The Hammersmith & City Railway Published jointly with London Underground Ltd

The Aldwych Branch of the Piccadilly Line (with Antony Badsey-Ellis). Capital Transport 2009 ISBN 978 1 85414 321 1″

Measured west from Kingston Bridge

On this ‘crossroad’ surviving milestones are purported to measure from Kingston Bridge and Staines and are located 2/7 miles, 3/6, 4/5 and 7/1 miles. The route near the Palace appears to use the path cutting across The Green. The route passes along Hampton Court Road, Upper Sunbury Road, Staines Road and Kingston Road.


Measured from and to Staines Road

Kingston and Staines

A good sequence of surviving milestones based on Kingston Bridge starts in Hampton Court Road. The west face of this milestone (see image) shows Kingston II miles and the nearest bridge VI furlongs or ¾ mile.

This is the east face (shown) of same stone showing Sunbury II, Staines VII and Windsor XIII miles. The front and rear faces are blank. There is a benchmark stud and OS arrow on the top.”

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