“Invited to be a judge at the World Cheese Awards”


Brian Logan wrote in The Guardian of 15 May 2014:

“This show, says Marcus Brigstocke, is about “stupid shit that’s given me pleasure or embarrassment” – just a bit of fun, and not significant in any way. The Radio 4 comedian doth protest too much. In fact, the set broaches Brigstocke’s childhood eating disorder, not to mention the mystery testicular pain that’s bothered him these past 18 months. There’s some insightful confessional standup here, even if – as his false prospectus implies – Brigstocke conceals it behind generic material about regional stereotypes and comedy foreign intonations.

That opening shtick gives no hint of how interesting the set’s going to get…It’s fine, but it feels like treading water. This is a gig that gets interesting in proportion to its intimacy, taking flight when Brigstocke visits the doctor for what he worries might be an “unexpected item in the bagging area”. There follows a routine about an undignified genital examination that breaks no new ground, but is accomplished with brio.

If that’s the two veg, the meat of the show is Brigstocke’s teenage obesity material, as we find him guzzling eight king-size Mars bars at one go before checking in to addiction therapy. He’s had to conquer his reticence to address the subject, he says: he resists being thought of as “the eating-disorders comedian”. Having done so, he needs to dig deeper into the material, which is fascinating and unexpected. Instead, he digresses into (equally surprising) tales of his days as a podium dancer and oil-rig worker. This is deliciously incongruous stuff, and by now we’ve invested in its vulnerable, self-discovering protagonist. With more of it, and less of the hack work, the show could really sing.”

From Twitter:

“Richard Coles@RevRichardColes 24 Jun 2013

Newcastle – another favourite city with the best music venue of the 1980s (City Hall) and Rockshots where @giles_fraser was a gogo dancer.

Giles Fraser@giles_fraser 24 Jun 2013@RevRichardColes

best nightclub ever.”

Madeleine Howell wrote at the resident.co.uk on 25th August 2017:

“One of the UK’s finest comedic talents, Marcus Brigstocke is on a mission to launch a new improv supergroup. This month, an all-star cast of south London comedians will perform in his brand new show titled There Will Be Cake for five nights, exclusively at Omnibus in Clapham

Comedian and south Londoner Marcus Brigstocke is bringing the improv scene to Clapham. He’ll be joined by pal Rachel Parris of Austentatious fame (a show that presents an improvised version of a Jane Austen novel).

Also on board is Pippa Evans of the Showstoppers, an Olivier award-winning improvised musical show, and comedy legend Paul Foxcroft of acclaimed two-player adventure Cariad & Paul.

The starting point for this particular show is the universal theme of birthdays. ‘In improv, you often take a single word from which you build stories, and in turn build them out into scenes,’ Brigstocke explains.

‘The only thinking behind birthdays, and cake, is that they’re joyful. It’s nice when a springboard into a show is joyful. Not to say that everything afterwards will be!’…”

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