The Mitre, East Molesey


“Mitre Hotel & Tavern, Hampton Court Road

1881/Charles Sadler/Hotel Proprietor/66/Hampton, Middlesex/Census

1881/Emma Sadler/Wife/50/Hampton, Middlesex/Census

1881/John Sadler/Son, Auctioneers Assistant/26/Hampton, Middlesex/Census

1881/William Sadler/Son/23/Hampton, Middlesex/Census

1881/Thos Sadler/Son/21/Hampton, Middlesex/Census

1891/Charles Sadler/Licensed Victualler/76/Hampton Court, Middlesex/Census

1891/Emma Sadler/Wife/59/Melton Mowbray, Leicester/Census

1891/John D Sadler/Son, Auctioneer/35/Hampton Court, Middlesex/Census

1891/Thomas R Sadler/Son, Hotel Manager/31/Hampton Court, Middlesex/Census

1891/Ellen Sadler/Daughter/24/Hampton Court, Middlesex/Census

1894/Charles Sadler/../../../Kelly’s Directory **

1901/Emma Sadler/Licensed Victualler, Widow/70//Census

1901/Thomas Sadler/Son, Hotel Manager/40/Hampton, Middlesex/Census

1901/George Rousseau/Cook, Chef/44/Paris, France/Census”

From the website of The Mitre, Hampton Court:

“It is widely reported that the Mitre was built in 1665 at the direction of Charles II as a ‘hostel for visitors to the Palace’. The hotel site is a highly interesting spot, rich with historical and royal connections; with the building having a strong association, with Hampton Court Palace.

Origins date back to the reign of Henry VIII. The building has been reconstructed since 1665 and is Grade II Listed as a mid-18th century edifice by Historic England. The Mitre is also an Archaeology Priority Area, and investigations have revealed sections of the fabric of the earlier river wall of circa 1700 nearby.

An early 18th century manuscript reveals a remarkable assembly of structures on the site of the Mitre, including not only the Toy Inn, but its associated pounding mill and gardens, and ‘a piece of land at Hampton Court… with several buildings thereon’ suggesting, historically, a more substantial land-holding on the part of this inn.”

From: A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 2, General; Ashford, East Bedfont With Hatton, Feltham, Hampton With Hampton Wick, Hanworth, Laleham, Littleton. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, (1911):

“The Staines road, which leads north-west from Hampton Court Bridge to Hampton town, following the course of the river, passes several interesting houses; opposite them lie ‘the Green’ and Bushey Park. At the foot of the bridge is an old hotel, ‘The Mitre,’ probably the successor of ‘The Toy,’ which originally stood on the opposite side of the road, near the ‘Trophy Gates’ of the palace. It was built in the time of Henry VIII, and is mentioned in 1653 in the Parliamentary Survey of Hampton Court as a ‘Victualling house, worth by the yeare seaven pounds.’ This house was famous for the convivial meetings held there by the ‘Toy Club,’ of which William IV, then Duke of Clarence, was president. The club included many wellknown names among its members.”

It was reported in the Richmond and Twickenham Times of 16th September 2005:

“In 1818, James Campbell of Whitton Dean, a local property developer, member of the famous Toy Club and associate of the Duke of Clarence, bought the copyhold of Hampton Court House from Henry Trail for £4,800. Campbell Road, the access road to Hampton Court House was named in his memory. James died in 1847 intestate. John Campbell, junior, inherited.”


“Plaque on the gates to Hampton Court Palace:

The site of the Toy Inn. An ancient hostelry of note. Built for Oliver Cromwell’s troops c. 1650, rebuilt c. 1700, demolished c. 1840, wherein Pope wrote the Rape of the Lock, the Duke of Clarence, afterwards William IV formed & presided over his Toy Club, and Thomas Dunckerley founded The Masonic Lodge of Harmony 255 in 1785. The lodge held here for 37 years now erects this tablet. July 1933.”

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