“Why did Walter choose Heisenberg as his alias, in “Breaking Bad”?”*

Image: Werner Heisenberg (1901-1976).

Eric Eduardo Lupercio answered at *quora.com three years ago:

“I think it goes more than just the uncertainty principle because there are so many theories and principles that outline erratic behavior. I think it has to do with the history of Werner Heisenberg. We learn in the show that the reason behind Walter’s sudden aggressive need to be powerful comes from his long anger and frustration from being left behind from Grey Matter’s success after he sold his part.

He’s constantly frustrated that even though it was his chemistry expertise that launched the company’s success, he had to get out before its success due to Walter Jr’s medical bills. Walter feels angry about not getting the proper credit (money and success) for his work.

This is similar to what happened between Heisenberg and Max Born. Heisenberg is credited with Heisenberg’s matrices and Heisenberg’s commutation Law even though Heisenberg had very little knowledge on matrices. This is paralleled with Walter (Born) being an expert in crystal formations in chemistry while Elliot Schwartz (Heisenberg) wasn’t.

Heisenberg, along with Dirac and Schrodinger, went on to receive a Nobel prize without Born. Heisenberg even wrote an apology letter to Born when Heisenberg received the award. It’s also telling that Walter chose the name Heisenberg over Born as if to say, this time I’m the one taking the credit for my work alone (even though it can be argued Walter wouldn’t have been able to succeed without Jessy).”

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